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Implants & Crowns

Do you have a missing tooth? Have you gotten removable partial or complete dentures that require continual maintenance?

Replace missing teeth or get a fixed solution to your partial or complete dentures today with the help of dental implants. At Direct Ultra Care, we can place a dental implant – an artificial tooth or root usually made from titanium – surgically in your upper or lower jaw. We use natural looking dental implants to replace missing teeth and restore a full, vibrant smile. We use the best quality, strong, durable implants that will last for years and only need occasional re-tightening or maintenance.

Implants are performed over the course of several visits.

    • First we take thorough X-rays so that we make accurate jaw and teeth molds. The mold helps us determine the exact gum tissue, bone and space available for the implant.
    • Next the mouth is numbed and the implant is surgically placed into the bone. It could take up to six months for the bone to heal and the implant to integrate onto the bone. In some instances the post and anchor are not attached and placed simultaneously, so a second surgery is required to place the post that holds the implant in place.
    • Once the healing process has continued for several weeks, we make and fit the artificial teeth to the post portion of the anchor. This often takes several fittings and could require one to two months for completion.
    • Once healed, we securely attach the artificial teeth to the implant. This is the finalizing portion of the process ensuring that the implant is comfortable, stable and excellently shaped.

Dental Implants are Needed for the following reasons:

    • to replace missing teeth without harming surrounding teeth
    • to restore a patient’s confidence in a beautiful smile
    • to resolve painful joints
    • to resolve bites problems from shifting teeth
    • to restore normal chewing
    • to restore speech
    • to improve digestion
    • to enhance facial tissues
    • to support and secure a denture or a bridge
    • to make the mouth more comfortable

We offer individualized recovery care instructions for each stage of the dental implant process, so that you are equipped to care for your new teeth. Good dental hygiene is highly important for patients who receive dental implants as well as healthy eating habits and regular dental visits.

Do dental implants seem like the solution you need? We hope to see every person with the smile they deserve. Give us a call at 208-994-7426 or Contact Us and schedule your visit at Direct Ultra Care today.

Crowns & Bridges

A dental crown covers a tooth’s surface in order to prevent damage while also to restore the original look of a tooth. Sometime a crown is also called a cap. This procedure strengthens a tooth’s structure when either a filling or a restoration won’t suffice.

Some reasons you may need a Crown or Bridge

    • Fix cracked teeth
    • Enhance appearance of teeth
    • Prevent/stop tooth decay
    • Assist a root canal
    • Fix cracked fillings

Direct Ultra Care offers both traditional and same-day dental crowns. Depending on your unique needs and budget, one-visit crowns can be a great option to speed up the procedure. Traditionally, the process is split out over two appointments. During your first visit impressions will be taken and a temporary crown will be applied. Impressions are then sent out to a lab where permanent crowns will be custom-made for you. We’re also able to offer crowns that can be made right here in the office while you wait!

If you need to consult with us for a dental crown or if you want to know the dental crown cost and details contact us now for an appointment.

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